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Virtual ZOOM Classes for 

Alert Child: Self Defense and Kidnap Prevention &

KarateSmart: Martial Arts & Self Defense

Class Payment Information: 
Zoom Classes have a one time $30 Registration Fee plus $10 per class.  Each $10 class lesson fee can be paid weekly prior to the start of class.  Please be prepared to pay the $30 Registration Fee plus $10 Class Fee on the first day of class ($40 total). 
Cash App Payments
Use the Cash App link here to sign in, or download the the free Cash App on your phone.  
Use cashtag $DominguezDYS to pay for after school Alert Child and/or KarateSmart Zoom classes
Please include your child's full name in the notes when you submit payment. 
Thank you for choosing DYS classes!
Use cashtag $DominguezDYS
Include child's full name in pmt. notes

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DYS Karate & Dance Classes
(210)992-0835 or
(210) 310-0216 


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