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Self Defense

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KarateSmart's core focus is self defense, safety awareness, and overall mental & physical health.  

Students start off learning footwork and how to move their bodies out of the way of harm with Slips and DucksFades are taught later in the curriculum to Intermediate Rank students.  The primary goal is to not be touched, hit, or grabbed in the first place.

If the student discerns that a hit/strike is inevitable, then he/she can pull from self defense "tools"  such as a Cover, Block, or Parry

See our examples below...

#1 Move your body out of the way...
Avoid being hit or grabbed...

#1 Rule- Move your head to the outside of the strike!

Bend your knee slightly as you slip your head to the side (the same knee/leg as the side you slip towards)

Slip-Block-Duck pic.png

Lean shoulders slightly forward, but definitely DO NOT lean backwards. 

Always (always, always, always) keep your hands/fists UP!

#1 Rule- Move your head AWAY from the strike (usually towards the side of your head) FIRST!

Keep your shoulders square and keep your eyes on your attacker at all times.

Slip-Block-Duck pic.png

Bend your knees and then straighten them in order to make a large "U" with your head to duck under.

(Remember: "Knee-Knee-Straight-Straight")

Always (always, always, always) keep your hands/fists UP!

#2 Protect/Guard your body from a hit or strike...

A Cover is a type of Block.

Protect your head by making a triangle with your arm against your head.

Cover Defense.png

Grab the lower-back of your head with your hand.

Bring your elbow up, point it towards your attacker.

Cover Drill:
Slip-Block-Duck pic.png
SD- Blocks.jpeg

Upper Block

Upper Block_pp.png

Down Block

Down Block_pp.png

Side Block

Side Block_pp.png
#3 Redirect a Strike using your hands...
Parry Drill 1
Perry Drill.gif

STUDENTS- We have been practicing Parry Drill 1 this Spring semester.  We will learn Parry Drill 2 this Summer & Fall :)


Use open hands/palms & use quick, forceful hits to redirect your attacker's strike.

Parry your attacker's arm so that their arm moves across their body/abdomen.

Parry Drill 2
Parry Drill 2.gif

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