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Martial Arts


Uniforms ordered online will be available for pick up from your Instructor during class!

Instructors will size students in class!

Uniform / Gi is required if participating in an Event or Parade

Karate Gi / Uniform for

Alert Child Self Defense & KarateSmart Martial Arts


Uniform Set


Uniform Set

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Karate Gi (Jacket and Pant) comes in Black only with logo on the back.

Cost is $80 for the set.  Material is made of 55% Cotton, 45% Poly Blend.  Pant bottom has as elastic waistband with a functional drawstring.  Both pants and jacket are sold as a set.  Uniform/Gi is available for purchase through your Karate Instructor in class. 

Our current Cheer T-Shirts are white with blue and red lettering.  Our classic T-Shirts are red with white lettering that says "Texas Dance & Cheer" and shorts are black with yellow or white lettering.  Heavyweight Blend.   Made of 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.  Cost is $20 for the Shirt plus $20 for the Shorts.  Poms-Poms are red with silver streaks.  Cost for Pom-Poms are $20.  Each item can be purchased separately below.  

Karate Parent & Dance/Cheer Parent T-shirts for sale!  $25 each

Our current Dance T-Shirts are white with blue and red lettering.  Our classic T-Shirts are yellow with black lettering that says "Distinct Dance" and shorts are black with yellow or white lettering.  Heavyweight Blend.  Made of 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.  Cost is $20 for the shirt, and $20 for the shorts.   Poms-Poms are green with gold streaks.  Cost for Pom-Poms are $20.  Each item can be purchased separately below.  

DYS Parent T-shirts-$25 eadh.JPG
Do you love being involved in your kid's extra-curricular activities?  
Are you the kind of parent that shows up with extra water bottles or sunscreen or hotel sewing kits tucked somewhere in her purse? 
Do you genuinely have a heart for kids?  Cool!  Come join the parade (literally)!!  Parent T-shirts are required in order to walk in the parade with your child.
If you volunteer as a parent helper for other events, parent shirts are needed for "backstage access" as well.  Grab one while we have them! 
Karate Parent
T-shirt, $25
Dance/Cheer Parent
T-shirt, $25
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Hair Bows.jpg
Unique, handmade Hair Bows are available for sale, $12 each!  Bows are 5"x3" & use a 2" alligator clip.
Contact Instructor Dominguez to grab some flair for your hair  :)
DYS KarateSmart masks are available for sale, $15 each!
Contact Instructor Dominguez to reserve yours today :)
KarateSmart Mask.JPG

Karate Gi Size Chart:

All bottoms comes with elastic, drawstring weight bands.

Uniform Size 000

Child 2-4, height 3'-3'5", weight 30-40 lbs.

Uniform Size 00

Child 4-6, height 3'5"-3"10", weight 40-55 lbs.

Uniform Size 0

Child 6-8, height 3'10"-4'3", weight 55-70.

Uniform Size 1

Child 8-10, height 4'3"-4'8", weight 70-90 lbs.

Uniform Size 2

Child 10-12, height 4'8"-5'1", weight 90-110 lbs.

Uniform Size 3

Adult small, geight 5'1"-5'6", weight 110-140 lbs.

Uniform Size 4

Adult medium, height 5'6"-5'11", weight 140-170 lbs.

Uniform Size 5

Adult large, height 5'11"-6'2", weight 170-200 lbs.

Cash App
Payment Option
When purchasing Uniforms &/or Gear, please use the Cash Tag associated with your School District or Class. Include student's full name with payment.  Thank you!
Southside ISD (All Classes)->  $dysteam100
Southwest ISD (All Classes)-> $dysteam200
Northside ISD (All Classes)-> $dysteam300
Dance Plus (Martial Arts & Dance)-> $dysteam400
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Practice Weapons For Sale 

High quality foam/practice Nunchucks are $20 each.  We will replace for FREE if damaged!
Limited quantity... buy yours now for practice during class and DYS performance
Yellow & Red Nunchucks.JPG
Red & Yellow Chucks
Pink Nunchucks.JPG
Blue Nunchucks.JPG
Blue Chucks
Yellow Nunchucks.JPG
Sophia w: Sword.png
Pink Chucks
Yellow Chucks

Weapons Classes 

Weapons Classes are offered to students who are interested in advancing their skills and additional practice with martial arts weapons.  There is no additional cost for this class, and it is typically held immediately after select KarateSmart and Alert Child classes (but not after every class).

Mr. Henderson's decades of professional training and practice of a variety of martial arts weapons is apparent in his weapons curriculum and katas with his primary focus on student safety.  It is for this reason that a specific Belt Rank is not a requirement for participation in Weapons Classes, but it is imperative that students are able to focus and follow direction within reason for their own safety. 

Mr. Henderson rotates his focus on weapons training between swords, nunchucks, bo staffs, tonfas, fans, kamas, quan dao, and others.  For a schedule of days when Weapons Classes are held, speak to Mr. Henderson during your child's regular class.  Weapons are available for use in class, but if your child decides to advance his/her skill, weapons are available to purchase through Mr. Henderson as well.  There are opportunities to compete in tournaments with the weapon forms learned in class.