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Martial Arts Basics & Education

Safety Awareness, Vocabulary, Character Development

Healthy Mind
  • Character Development
  • Safety Awareness​
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem Building: Each student in our class is an important, unique individual.  We teach them how to protect themselves because they are worth protecting!  We only ask that each student to give their own personal best effort in practice.
  • Dojo (karate school) Etiquette 
Healthy Body
  • Physical Fitness (overall physical health)
  • Self Defense (skills to protect/guard your body)
  • Techniques (skills to fight back when needed to protect your body)
    • Kicks (basic kicks)
    • Strikes (Hand, Elbow, & Knee strikes)
  • Stances & Forms (for use in self defense and in respect to tradition)
How to 
Tie your
9- Black.PNG
8- Brown.PNG
7- Red.PNG
6- Purple.PNG
5- Blue.PNG
4- Green.PNG
3- Orange.PNG
2- Yellow.PNG
1- White.PNG
Taekwando Shoes
We typically remove shoes/socks when we come to class because 1) the soles of regular tennis shoes make footwork and certain techniques challenging and 2) socks are very slippery and dangerous on the gym floor.
IF your child would like to purchase Taekwondo shoes for class, they are more than welcome to wear these shoes during class.  Please know that these shoes are NOT required for classes.  We are sharing this option so you and your child can chose what is best for him/her.
Taekwando Shoes 1.jpg
Taekwando Shoes 2.jpg
Color does not matter: your child can choose whatever color he/she likes.  There are many Taekwando shoe brands to choose from.  I find mine on Amazon.  Please search for "Taekwando shoes" and notice the features in the sole of the shoes you'll want to look for.   
Look for a somewhat flexible sole (not rigid) so that your child may easily pull back toes to kick with the ball of his/her foot.  These shoes are non-slip, but allow the student to pivot on the ball of their foot more easily.  This is important we pivot for many techniques.  I don't recommend kung fu shoes...they are designed for different purposes.
Parents, if you find a great Taekwando shoe that works well for your child, share it with us!  We welcome you to share resources on our Facebook page!
Korean Numbers.jpg
Korean Numbers.jpg
Taekwondo Voc.-2 (color).jpeg
Why we practice martial arts...
For our instructors, martial arts is a way of life.  At its core, we believe martial arts is about developing and maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind.  While we do primarily teach taekwando techniques, we also use some techniques from various other martial arts forms such as wing chun, aikido, & muay thai.  We have tailored our Alert Child (Safety Awareness & Self Defense class) curriculum to incorporate techniques and skills that would be most effective for children to use when defending themselves.  
The first line of defense should start with an alert and ready mind.  We incorporate lessons on kidnap prevention, water safety, fire safety, and gun safety.  We understand that there is a wide range of positions when it comes to gun ownership, and in no way do we encourage or discourage gun ownership.  That is for each family to decide for themselves.  What we do teach our students is if they see a gun when an adult is not around, do not touch it and let an adult know right away.  With all of our lessons, we emphasize safety first.  An overview of such safety lessons will be available here on this page before we teach the lesson.  Welcome to DYS!
Taekwondo Voc-1 (color).jpeg

DYS Karate & Dance Classes
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