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Cardinal Kids
June & July 2022
Information, Registration,
& Payment

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1) Download Cash App for free on your mobile device, or create a free account using the green link/image provided here.  There is no fee for using Cash App. 


2) Please enter payment/dollar amount and select "Pay".


3) In the "To" section, please use CashTag


You should see the Program Director 

(recipient's name), Olaf Henderson.



4) In the "For/Add a Note" section, please write your Child's Full Name - Child Care Location/ School Name

*** We only prorate payments for the 1st month of each semester.***  


Thank you!

Cardinal Kids Payments

Please fill out the following Application for the Cardinal Kids Cardinal Kids Summer Camp to the best of your ability.  Select each yellow field box to type your responses in each box.  Select the Submit button at the end of the application once it is complete. 


Thank you for choosing Cardinal Kids Child Care Program!

Registration Form for Cardinal Kids
Child Care Programs 
Please do not separate Phone Numbers with a Dash (-), and
please do not use Autofill when filling out the Registration Form.  Thank you!
I would like to Register my child for the following Cardinal Kids Program...
Emergency Contact is Allowed to Pick Up my chld(ren) from the Cardinal Kids Program:

The following adults are authorized to PICK UP my child(ren) from the Cardinal Kids Child Care Program.  Child(ren) will only be released to a parent or one of the following individuals.  Please be prepared to verify identity with ID.  


If my child is in need of emergency medical attention, I authorize Cardinal Kids Child Care Program to use EMS services or safely transport my child to the following medical facility in the event that I can not be reached.  

I am the parent/guardian of the aforementioned child in this registration form.  I hereby give consent to the medical facility listed here to provide any necessary emergency medical care to my child.  


Please explain your child's medical and/or special needs so that our caregivers may be better prepared to assist your child.  This may include allergies, existing illness, injuries or hospitalizations during the past 12 months and any medication prescribed for long term continuous use.  We encourage you to disclose any and all of your child's unique needs.  



Please write in the START and END times in the yellow box fields that your child usually participates in Cardinal Kids Child Care each day.











Please E-sign your name to provide consent for us to call EMS for your child in the event of an emergency.

Please E-sign receipt and understanding of operational policies.

Please E-sign understanding that payment is due on the 1st of each month.  We do not offer prorated rates except at the beginning of each semester.

Please E-sign understanding that your child is required to comply with the school district's current COVID-19 Protocol.  

Please E-sign understanding that your child is required to comply with our behavior policy identified in our operational policies. If your child is unable to comply and maintain safe, decent behavior, your child may need to be removed from the Cardinal Kids program with no refund. 

Please E-sign understanding and agreement of the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.

Thank you for applying to CK Summer Camp program!!

Please Note:  In general, once your child starts actively participating in the child care program there are no refunds.  However, this is typically handled on a case-by-case bases.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at (210) 310-0216.  Thank you!

DYS Karate & Dance Classes
(210)992-0832 or
(210) 310-0216 


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