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Northside Independent School District
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Martial Arts / Self Defense Classes &
Kali Stick Classes


NISD's ACE Dept. offers 
KarateSmart Alert Child &
Bully Barrier Kali Stick classes at

Brauchle Elementary,
Colonies North Elementary, &
Myers Elementary

**Registration Info. at bottom of this page**

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This Fall 2021 season, DYS is offering 2 different martial arts / self defense classes for NISD area students!

KarateSmart: Alert Child classes at
Brauchle Elementary &
Colonies North Elementary

Alert Child classes are dynamic classes designed for students ages 4 and up. This class uses mixed martial arts and American karate to emphasize self-defense & safety, overall wellness, good character. These cornerstones of our curriculum aim to build students confidence and self-worth through the practice of mixed martial arts. Our "karate games" also nurture teamwork and leadership skills for our students.  Registration is open throughout the semester and students are welcome to join classes at any time.  Join Instructor Ms. Dominguez today and cultivate the life skills needed to be a safe "Alert Child", physical health, and mental wellness :)

Bully Barrier: Kali Stick classes at
Myers Elementary School

This class teaches the martial art of Kali and how students can use these skills for self-defense.  Kali classes are a fun and safe for students ages 4 and up to develop confidence and overall health while relieving stress.  In this class, students learn how to recognize aggressive or bullying behavior.  Next, students are taught how to avoid conflict and deter bullying behavior.  If this doesn't work and physical aggression is aimed toward the student, he/she is taught how to protect themselves using Kali self-defense techniques. 
Registration is open throughout the semester and students are welcome to join classes at any time.  Join Instructor Mr. Trevino's class today and learn how to be a Bully Barrier!
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